We have designed 224 screens for the responsive web application, IOS mobile phone, IOS tablet, Android mobile phone, Android tablet and all types of smart TV’s.

Kategória: Design and UX

This has been our biggest UX and UI project so far. We were preparing the outputs for various integrator companies. We used Invision for feedback from the client and the presentation. From concept proposal, we moved on to creating a system design – UI kit. We have created hundreds of screens from this system design. The biggest challenge with such a large project is maintaining a single style. We also created a clickable prototype in Sketch program, so we could test as if we already had apps programmed.


screens drawn

300 hours

UX and design


UX specialists


different platforms


first concept

3 months

provision of most screens

Different Human Interface Guidelines for different devices

Ios, Android, Samsung SmartTV, Android SmartTV have their recommendations on User Interfaces. While navigating using the TV remote controller you do have less options as on the responsive web. As UX designers, we had to perceive all this knowledge and limitations and implement them with our consideration to the complex system design. With older TVs, it is not possible to render all imaginary UI elements, as they have limited resolutions and slower rendering.