Our task was to redesign the web presentation, as the original website no longer met the latest requirements and contained a lot of information that was chaotically scattered.

Kategória: Website development

At first, we found out what the goals of the redesign were, we did several workshops with the client and created a clickable prototype in InVision. The external UX from David Žiaran helped us with this project. After approving the prototype, we deployed a test version on WordPress, where we selected a premium theme that includes a builder. Our graphic designer was clicking the web according to the prototype and configured the theme together with the WordPress developer to match the identity. After that, they filled the content of the client’s side and we helped the site run.

We support non-profit organizations

This project, as well as many other non-profit projects, we do for free or with better conditions than commercial projects. We care about company education. We like to help and support projects with a positive impact on our country.

Information architecture


The most difficult task was to make navigation easier and made it more transparent. Although it is a presentation page, it contains quite a lot of information.



We have made complete content and defined user’s paths. We’ve added call-to-action elements to almost each subpage. The website should serve 4 user roles. Regular visitor, potential future program member, current program member, and potential program promoter. All these types of users should find what they are looking for after redesigning the website.