B2B functions

Price levels, individual price lists

Saving a completed order

Bulk order

Repeat orders

Multiple modes of transport

Multiple payment options

Completing company data

Marketing materials for purchase

B2B client education

Assigned dealers

Calculation of commissions

Quantity discounts

Loyalty system

Purchase advisor

Basic properties

Gateway to the nocode world

Sellio enables your company to enter the world of nocode. Automate your workflow with a simple click.

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Headless e-commerce

You can use Sellio as a headless CMS and power your frontend or mobile applications and other systems via API.

AI – use of artificial intelligence

Using AI, you can generate product descriptions or translate content in our admin. Leave the boring tasks to the machine.

B2B and B2C e-shop, website – everything on one platform

A classic e-shop, a B2B zone as well as a company presentation can run on one system. Manage your data in one place, in one CMS.

A modern, comprehensive, cloud solution

We assemble our solution like lego blocks. In this way, we can customize all functionalities according to your needs.

Clear and fast administration

Our new fancy admin adapts to your screen size and includes lots of UX goodies.

The best content editor on the Slovak market

Our content editor allows you to work with content blocks and layout your content.

Long-term sustainable system

Our clients’ projects have been running for years, which is confirmed by our references.

Speed, scalability and expansion

The cloud solution makes it possible to scale to different markets and large traffic. We do not have a limit on the number of products and the number of variants.

All your eshops in one administration

Compared to competing e-shop platforms, we have natively supported translations, different currencies, different domains and delivery countries.

Currency management and pricing policies

In 12 years of creating e-shops, we have come up with a comprehensive solution for price levels, different currencies and discounts.

Marketing tools

We have cooperated with most Slovak, renowned, digital agencies and have all important marketing tools in the system, such as newsletters, banners, feeds for Google Shopping, eureka, Facebook CAPI, integrated datalayer and Google Tag manager.

Complex settings

We also thought about setting up transport, payment methods, setting up email templates or navigation.

Product configurators

We also specialize in visual and price configurators, which we can connect directly to production or ERP.

Loyalty system

Allow your customers to collect points, loyalty discounts or use coupons.

Solution architecture



Front End
Back End


Modules and nocode connections

Basic functionality
  • Calculation of the date of delivery by post

  • Calculation of commissions for partners

  • Customer account

  • Improved phone number input

  • Search

  • Product variants

  • User roles

  • User reviews

  • SMS notifications

  • Contact forms

  • Configurable products

  • Heureka comparison shopping integration

  • Livechat integration

  • Generation of vouchers

  • Generating PDF documents

Warehouse management
  • Stock cards

  • Inventory management

  • Payment via QR code

  • 24pay payment gateway integration

  • Indication of low stocks

  • History of stock changes

  • Export of invoices to the Pohoda accounting system

  • Highlighting products with labels

  • Advanced product filter

  • Different product sorting options

  • Related products

  • Selling digital products

  • Unlimited number of products

  • Unlimited number of categories

  • Bulk file upload

  • Galleries

  • Duplication of products

  • Foreign currencies, multicurrency

  • Translation system in administration

  • The ability to log in to the administration from anywhere in the world from both mobile and tablet

  • Efficient and fast administration

  • Wyswyg editor

  • Tags

  • Adding customer references

  • Commenting on products

  • Bulk file upload

  • Component editor for premium content creation

  • Dynamic menu

Discount system
  • Quantity discounts

  • Free postage from

  • Coupons

  • Goods in action

  • Discounts for registered users

  • Additional discount on order

  • FB CAPI connection

  • Datalayer integration

  • Sending abandoned carts by email

  • Mailchimp newsletter integration

  • Integration of pop-ups for collecting emails

  • Sitecontrol integration

Nocode integration of 1389 external services


Advantages of cooperation

We are the leaders in the ecommerce development

We have an innovative, agile and transparent approach

We are a reliable and strategic partner

We are specialists and we enjoy our work

For 12 years we have been making customized eshops and web applications

yesCooperation with a freelancerIn-house developersA regular development companyCooperation with vibration
Fast reaction timeyes
Assigned project manager who oversees the entire project
Low risk of termination of cooperation
Comprehensive knowledge of ecommerce
Covering UX and web design
Rapid change of technologies or solutions
Effective and transparent project management
Clear reporting in seconds
Easy change of supplier
Regular consultations and innovations in the project


Work progress

Preparatory phase
Defining the project
  • Analysis of the problem area
  • Functional requirements
  • Scope of the project
  • Solution architecture
  • API design
  • Project planning
  • External systems integration design
UX and design
  • Creating information architecture
  • Creating wireframes
  • UI design + system design
  • Creating a clickable prototype
Implementation phase
Tailor-made development
  • Infrastructure setup
  • System installation
  • Creating templates
  • Business logic programming
  • Connection of external systems – payment gateways, ERP systems, …
  • Migration
Testing and start-up
  • User testing
  • Quality control
Continuous system updates
Technical support
Further development and upgrading of the project