Redesign of’s e-shop. We combined the web page and the e-shop and we created the B2B zone. E-shop creation, automation of orders and custom-made functionality. Such was the cooperation with the company Herbert, which deals with the production of quality and delicious syrups.



Kategória: Design and UX

We connected given graphics to our e-shop system  Sellio, we programmed the logistics of the order process as tailor-made and adjusted one language solution to a new architecture, which enables more languages and more currencies.

They places great emphasis on the freshness and quality of raw materials, which he obtains from reliable partners. They also decided to build on a reliable partner when creating an e-shop, so they approached us. The original plan was to simplify the ordering process for operations, which until then had sent their orders by e-mail. However, after the initial creative meeting, we agreed that we want to bring the opportunity to order these amazing syrups to regular consumers. The basis of the entire solution is our tuned sellio system, which we have adapted to the needs of this project. Thanks to Sellio system, we were able to simplify and automate the entire process of processing orders for operations and our client. At registration, customers have the opportunity to register as an establishment or as a regular consumer.

Typically, B2B customers usually know exactly what they need to order, so the view for B2B customers has been adjusted so that the entire order can be processed on one screen and with as few clicks as possible. The B2B zone of course has its own price list. Operations also have the option of setting up several delivery addresses, which they can assign to the order by simple selection.