Successful projects in Vibration digital world

andreine.comCustom-made e-commerce development

Nový eshop na mieru, ktorý sa zaoberá starostlivosťou o vlasy a predajom prírodnej vlasovej kozmetiky.

high-five.skWebsite development

E-shop is selling design t-shirts. The aim of the project is to create a space for independent artists, encourage creativity and delight people who love modern designs.

Fencing configurator of MartinecWebsite development

Creation of the web application for fencing configurator.

cafepoint.skCustom-made e-commerce development

Incorporating the UX audit into a template and taking over the e-shop from another agency.

b2b.led2.euCustom-made e-commerce development

Creating a custom-made B2B zone.

skiba.skCustom-made e-commerce development

E-shop redesign and migration from WordPress and WooCommerce to our Sellio system.

tomaflora.skCustom-made e-commerce development

Custom e-shop for a company that deals with the design, implementation, maintenance, sale and rental of interior greenery.

actlegal.comWebsite development

Redesign of the web presentation of a network of law firms operating in 10 European countries with 400 lawyers and experts.

madad.skE-commerce development

New custom-made eshop for Madness Advertising. The leader in the field of advertising deserves a quality technological solution that we have provided.

feelings.pietro-filipi.comWebsite development

summitmotors.skComplex digital solutions

Web portal for selling cars.

redcross.skDesign and UX

Creation of an extensive content portal for the Slovak Red Cross with a client zone.

fordskladom.skComplex digital solutions

Redesign and reprogramming of the Ford’s website

mepac.shopCustom-made e-commerce development

The company MEPAC s.r.o is engaged in the production, repair and modification of injection molds, process tools, cutters and various jigs, using the latest modern technologies. Our task was to create a truly sophisticated e-shop for this company.

tatranskyprofil.euComplex digital solutions

The biggest wood retailer online with the help of our sellio system.

1plastcompanyComplex digital solutions

Our task was to create a multilingual catalog of products of the seller of equipment for processing and recycling of plastics. It was also a multi-domain solution with a lot of custom programming. The solution also includes a product configurator, which also calculates the price of the custom-made product, and inquiries fall as orders into the backend of our sellio system.

saloos.czE-commerce development

From the first phone call, we transformed the client’s website into an e-shop offering the entire assortment of goods. We connected an external ERP system, a payment gateway and the result is a new transparent e-shop with filtration and a new information architecture.

grossling.skWebsite development

We delivered responsive templates connected to the WordPress according to the design supplied by

magnifica.skE-commerce development

We delivered responsive templates connected to WordPress according to the design supplied by This is an online magazine.

Landart – eshop with connection to the ONIX systemE-commerce development

Landart is a company operating in the field of plantation and garden architecture. We have created a new e-commerce website for the landart.

mib.skWebsite development

Creation of the website of the Metropolitan Institute Bratislava.

profikuchar.skE-commerce development

Redesign and application of our system for online stores. Shop for all lovers of cooking! The best e-commerce specialists in Slovakia were invited to the project. UX consultant Honza Kvasnička, SEO consultant Pavel Ungr, external Czech designer, performance agency, ERP system supplier and us.

curaden.comWebsite development

Curaden is a unit in oral health care. It develops prevention programs, educational activities, but also products that help care for the oral cavity and thus contribute to a more beautiful, healthier world. The design was added by

hottub.skWebsite development

Hottub is a company offering jacuzzi, spa, but also Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, combined saunas, steam saunas. They have been operating on the Slovak market since 2005 and offer various other services in addition to the mentioned products.

shapen.skCustom-made e-commerce development

Shapen is a unique Slovak project that sells barefoot shoes. The brand is constantly evolving and improving, designing and manufacturing shoes. Before launching the eshop, the client prepared the entire brand and communication with customers. The client expected a quality delivery of the eshop solution.

redesign postele-spalne.skCustom-made e-commerce development

Redesign of an e-shop that focuses on the sale of beds. The e-shop is based on our Sellio system. – redesignDesign and UX

Redesign of’s e-shop. We combined the web page and the e-shop and we created the B2B zone. E-shop creation, automation of orders and custom-made functionality. Such was the cooperation with the company Herbert, which deals with the production of quality and delicious syrups.



Web based on Typo3 – kariera.msglife.skComplex digital solutions

Creating a career website for an IT company.

easycase.euCustom-made e-commerce development

E-shop with the possibility of creating your own phone case from photos of the customer directly with his own photos from Instagram or Facebook. Immediately after completing the order, the output goes directly to the production of Javascript ouna.

gently.curaden.comWebsite development

Magazine for the company Curaden. The design was provided by

UX and redesign otta.skDesign and UX

We have designed 224 screens for the responsive web application, IOS mobile phone, IOS tablet, Android mobile phone, Android tablet and all types of smart TV’s.

bratislavskerozky.skWebsite development

Redesign of a trilingual website for a civic association, the aim of which is to preserve the historical and cultural values of the city.

datacentrum.towercom.skWebsite development

We managed to prepare a design and program a microsite for our client Towercom in a week. Redesign of Towercom’s presentation site. Switching from Joomla into WordPress. There is a YouTube video and contact form on the website.

komenskehoinstitut.skWebsite development

Redesign of the website of the educational program for teachers.

bbftech.skWebsite development

We have provided a redesign of the presentation page for a leader in the field of electricity.

teachforslovakia.skWebsite development

Our task was to redesign the web presentation, as the original website no longer met the latest requirements and contained a lot of information that was chaotically scattered.

profesiadays.skWebsite development

Creation of a new website for the 9th anniversary of the largest and the most popular job fair in Slovakia, which is organized by the company Profesia, the operator of the largest Slovak job portal We provided the client with the integration of WordPress CMS and graphic works on the template. Our task was to redesign and migrate the original website using CMS WordPress and create a web application to register event visitors.

drevoprofil.skDesign and UX

Website for the Slovak manufacturer and seller of wooden products. It offers high quality products in the form of wooden profiles, floors or tiles.

kompava.skCustom-made e-commerce development

Complex e-shop solution for B2B and B2C sales.

eshop.herbert.skCustom-made e-commerce development

E-shop creation, automation of orders and custom-made programmed functions. Such was the cooperation with the Herbert company, which deals with the production of quality and delicious syrups.

siclub.skDesign and UX

Website redesign associated with a complete rebranding of the force institute. 3D visuals added by the client. The text was added by the client.

cukru.skWebsite development

The project was implemented in cooperation with the agency Sugar production, which created a new redesign of the website, we integrated the site into WordPress.

peterbigos.skWebsite development

The project was developed in collaboration with the Cukru Production agency, which created a new redesign of the website, we integrated the website into WordPress.

treecko.skCustom-made e-commerce development

T-shirt print configurator as e-shop.

smartoptic.skWebsite development

Smartoptic is the unique eye optics, the only one of its kind in Slovakia, applying current investigation procedures using state-of-the-art equipment in optics and ophthalmology. It recognizes the sophisticated vision of the vision center – a combination of eye optics and an ophthalmic ambulance, in an exclusive partnership with the Carl Zeiss brand.

vivaeshop.skDesign and UX

Redesign of e-shop for prominent bathroom specialist The goal was to improve UX of shopping, navigation, and search. From launching online sales, helping with company marketing to automating wholesale sanitation processes.

farlesk.skCustom-made e-commerce development

Total remake of slow e-shop based on WordPress to our e-shop system.

autoelektrony.skCustom-made e-commerce development

We have taken over the e-shop built on CMS WordPress and WooCommerce after the Basta Digital agency. The client is provided with a monthly eshop report.

vilyluzna.skWebsite development

For NEO Real, we have created a new website for real estate sales. Excellent cooperation with Cukru production.

dolinky.euWebsite development

In cooperation with Cukru Production, we created another website built on WordPress CMS.

thebridge.skWebsite development

We have created a multilingual website with English language courses that you can order either by intensity or language level. The web contains orders, invoices, filters as well as a shopping cart and a payment gateway. We have ensured complete migration of content while retaining SEO.

eltforum.skWebsite development

We redesigned web conferences where we slightly modified the site’s graphics. We added print materials, preparing the presentation and landing page before launching the site. On the web there is the possibility to buy a ticket for the conference, the opportunity to buy a stand for the exhibitor. We also ensured content migration, invoice printing. There is a payment gateway on the web.

historickedarceky.skCustom-made e-commerce development

We created a customized eshop where we installed the GoPay payment gateway. The option of order based on date of birth – product filtering and then in the basket is the option of choosing the packaging for the product in the order process. The site also contains a Czech language mutation including Czech prices.

beelol.euCustom-made e-commerce development

We have created a responsive e-shop that contains different price levels, a map of traffic. This eshop serves both the Slovak and Czech markets and it is possible to calculate the transport price based on weight.

motoleasing.skWebsite development

New brand, new logo, new website and all. We have a new online motorcycle leasing service here.

Creation of multilingual website on WordPress.

Custom-made online store. Contains filter based on parameters.

Redesign and migration of a multilingual online store. Nebbia is a fitness brand selling sport clothes.

Redesign and application of our system for online stores. Shop for all lovers of cooking!

We created a functional responsive website from delivered graphics that is built on WordPress for hosting company.

slovak strength institute

From the idea of digitizing training to functional custom-made web app.

From launching of online sale, help with company marketing up to process automation of the warehouse with sanitary equipment and accessories.

rezidenciabenalex.skWebsite development

The website contains an interactive selection of house, offer of house, filter. The graphics is custom-made, the website is built on WordPress.

huge eshop –

Large custom-made online store. The part of this solution was B2B system, automatic discount allocation, connection with internal inventory and accounting system, connection to Mailchimp, custom-made design, responsiveness, partner online stores that synchronize the goods with the main online store and many other custom-made functions.

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