Creation of a new website for the 9th anniversary of the largest and the most popular job fair in Slovakia, which is organized by the company Profesia, the operator of the largest Slovak job portal We provided the client with the integration of WordPress CMS and graphic works on the template. Our task was to redesign and migrate the original website using CMS WordPress and create a web application to register event visitors.

Kategória: Website development

We provided the client with graphic work, programming of custom-made modules, creation of an API for mobile applications, creation of the web application for registration to the events and consultations. We also take care of constant maintenance of the solution and other innovations.

Creation the web application to register and create an API

In addition to the presentation part for each event, we also programmed a web application for registering to the events. The visitor can make an online registration via the web or mobile application, he will receive the PDF card with a QR code by email and we will create a profile for him. As part of the profile, we collect data about the visitor. We have created the entire API for mobile applications, and users are authenticated through this API in the mobile application. The presentation page uses the WordPress API and mobile applications are able to pull event data directly from the web content.

Multisite multidomain WordPress installation

The biggest challenge was the architecture of the solution as the event is in 2 different countries and in 5 cities, it means that each year there is an annually event in the city. Of course, we also want to keep an archive the old events.

Event management and logic

During the year, the two pages (domains) change the introductory pages according to the nearest event in a particular city. At the same time, mobile applications retrieve only data for the current event. Also, the registration web application must be able to register the same visitor for another event, even if it may have been registered once. We have therefore programmed the forgetting of the data.