Types of projects

Custom web applications

We transform your requirements into working modern web and mobile applications. Bespoke programming, agile development in a smaller team, usability and a sophisticated graphical interface will give your business what you really need. Non-standard requirements are a challenge for us.

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Mobile applications

We create hybrid mobile apps and cover backend development for apps.

Information systems

As a software house, we also do larger customized projects such as information systems. We often do reprogramming of old systems to new technologies and we also deal with long-term maintenance.

Price configurators

For your customers, you can display the configuration options of your products in real time, the customer also sees a visual representation of the products. In the background, we can calculate the exact price according to formulas and business logic. The configurator can work as a standalone application or as part of an e-shop.

Web portals

In addition to classic e-shops, we also make advertising portals, ordering systems and customized portals.

Technological solutions for startups

We can turn your startup idea into a ready-made solution. From design to programming. You can take care of the business and we can take care of the technology solution.

Creating APIs and connecting systems

Our daily agenda is to interconnect systems with each other. We can also create APIs for existing systems to communicate with external systems.

Creation of dashboards

In established digital ecosystems, we can create smaller applications such as dashboards or bespoke apps.


Front End
Back End

Advantages of cooperation

We are the leaders in the ecommerce development

We have an innovative, agile and transparent approach

We are a reliable and strategic partner

We are specialists and we enjoy our work

For 12 years we have been making customized eshops and web applications

yesCooperation with a freelancerIn-house developersA regular development companyCooperation with vibration
Fast reaction timeyes
Assigned project manager who oversees the entire project
Low risk of termination of cooperation
Comprehensive knowledge of ecommerce
Covering UX and web design
Rapid change of technologies or solutions
Effective and transparent project management
Clear reporting in seconds
Easy change of supplier
Regular consultations and innovations in the project


Work progress

Preparatory phase
Defining the project
  • Analysis of the problem area
  • Functional requirements
  • Scope of the project
  • Solution architecture
  • API design
  • Project planning
  • External systems integration design
UX and design
  • Creating information architecture
  • Creating wireframes
  • UI design + system design
  • Creating a clickable prototype
Implementation phase
Tailor-made development
  • Infrastructure setup
  • System installation
  • Creating templates
  • Business logic programming
  • Connection of external systems – payment gateways, ERP systems, …
  • Migration
Testing and start-up
  • User testing
  • Quality control
Continuous system updates
Technical support
Further development and upgrading of the project