Complex e-shop solution for B2B and B2C sales.


The skeleton of the whole solution is our tuned sellio system, which we have again custom-made to the client’s needs. Changes devised during the run in the process of creating an e-shop was one of the basic requirements of the client, which we were able to meet.

One of the more challenging stages of the project was content migration, as the data were divided in several exports with different form and structure. It was necessary to get products, articles, customers, orders, discussions and reviews from the old to the new system. The products and articles were linked, and this also needed to be maintained and integrated into the new system.

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customized modules


backend programers


frontend programers

Generating short url addresses

In terms of SEO improvements, one of the requirements was to modify the structure of creating url addresses.

Product references

We have created a customized module in the Sellio system for references, that allows customers to add a reference to the website a few days after purchasing the product, which also brings useful information for other customers. The Disqus platform has been added to the e-shop discussion,  which allows you to connect e-shop customers with nutrition and counseling experts.  Customers can discuss the products, which brings additional added value to the e-shop.

Improved filtering

The dynamic filter allows customers to filter based on added parameters in the admin, which are automatically displayed on the website. Based on the selected attribute, the selection is dynamically modified. The filter uses AJAX technology, which allows customers to find the desired product quickly and easily.

Notifications lately purchased products

We have added notifications to the website, which are linked to orders and display information about just purchased products on the e-shop. As part of the processes automation, we have made a connection with the Pohoda accounting system, where all processed orders in the e-shop automatically fall into the Pohoda system, so there is no need to put manually accounting items manually.

Linking to social networks and other modules

We connected the e-shop to one of the most popular email marketing tools, MailChimp. We connected Instagram feed to the e-shop, we added the option to set how long the product should be displayed in a special category, we added widgets to articles with linked products. The e-shop is ready to add language mutations.