Total remake of slow e-shop based on WordPress to our e-shop system.


The successful and launched e-shop on the WordPress was slowing down our client in development. It could not be maintained for a long time. The speed of the visible part of the e-shop as well as the administration was tragic. The problem was solved by migration. They had to migrate at full speed while maintaining SEO settings.


front end programmers


back end programmers


project managers



80 hours

migration duration

400 +

hours on project

Looking for an e-shop solution for several years

When draft was designing the original e-shop, the client was suggested to go to the WordPress. However, neither the developers nor the client realized that the scope of the project would increase. The architecture of that WordPress was not built for that. Both sortimement and a lot of functionalities have been constantly added. It was crowded so much that it could not be sustained. About 50 used plugins didn't help either. It was almost impossible to update. And now it's awesome. Those 7 years of development will not be denied. So, it is proved functionalities. What is more, it is easily scalable and modular solution ready for further growth.