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About project

Shapen is a unique Slovak project that sells barefoot shoes. The brand is constantly evolving and improving, designing and manufacturing shoes. Before launching the eshop, the client prepared the entire brand and communication with customers. The client expected a quality delivery of the eshop solution.

Our task

Our task was to create an e-shop focusing on the sale of barefoot shoes. The task was to create a simple and transparent e-shop. We connected the e-shop to a Super-invoice, to an eCard payment gateway. Within the e-shop, we also programmed several modules as: upsell, Facebook feed, size selection, size chart.

Interesting project numbers

Front end programmers

Back end programmers

150 +
hours worked

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Next projects

We have created a responsive e-shop that contains different price levels, a map of traffic. This eshop serves both the Slovak and Czech markets and it is possible to calculate the transport price based on weight.

Incorporating the UX audit into a template and taking over the e-shop from another agency.

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