How a trip can change your life

The desire for traveling and the desire for new experiences, brought me one day from Greece in beautiful Bratislava.

IMG_20140319_131052It wasn’t something new to me because i had visited this impressive city once in the past and this was a trigger for me to live a unique experience.

So, let me introduce myself, my name is Vicky with a difficult Surname for my slovak friends .I’m an 23 years old student of Business Planning and Information Systems and i come from the sunny Greece.

European Union “Erasmus” Placement program gave me the opportunity to live and work in Bratislava for a few months. But all of these would not be possible without the warm acceptance of the people of my new company vibration.

Here I was welcomed by very kind, happy and optimistic people who love their job and were open to live new experiences too.

As a student i came to Vibration to learn about web design, web marketing and other useful for my future career tools. I am still at the beginning and of course there is enough stress about if I can make it on my new job.

I’m open to be taught by them new useful things in order to apply them successfully.

By Vicky Antonopoulou

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