Stážista Panos hovorí o práci vo vibration

I can’t believe I’ve already been here for two months! It has gone faster than I thought, which is a good sign. Let’s introduce myself, my name is Panagiotis Antonopoulos i am a Greek student and i am one step away from my degree which is Applied Informatics in Management and Economy.

Everything began 4 years ago when my sister sent her CV in Vibration in order to make her Erasmus internship at their company. They replied within a day! Back then Vibration was a quite new company with very little employees (approx. 4-5 people). Since the first months of her internship she shared with me all information and experiences regarding the working environment and the feeling that I developed was very interesting and positive.

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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Ivan (@ivusko_sk),

Back on these days I was in the second year of my University studies and during the vacation time I decided to visit Bratislava. This was my first trip on Europe abroad and everything seemed to me so different the weather, people and the daily life in Bratislava. As soon as I arrived I had the great opportunity to meet Vibration people and as expected they were very kind, friendly and full of energy young guys.
The time passed and we come to today’s date were my sister works currently for a very big company in Bratislava and I as soon as finished my studies in University (only practical training was pending), I decided to apply for the Erasmus program and my first choice was of course Bratislava having always at the back of my mind that maybe I could join Vibration as well.

After they accepted my application the first thing I had to do was to get in touch with Ivan and provide him my CV in order to check in case he was interest in hiring me. After a short conversation we had the answer was „Guess what we have a place for you!” And then the journey begins…
As soon as I got to the office and settled with my new colleagues, I immediately realised that many things had changed for the better, Vibration employees have now tripled and are also divided into two groups of Programmers and Managers where they are interrelated. I now belong to the Programmers, the people I work with are all from Slovakia but the good thing is that in the crowd they know English and so the project becomes easier and more pleasant.

From the very first day I began to deal with various things, I started to edit some pictures through photoshop for the creation of a web-based shop. Moreover, I created a promotional video for a business through the Adobe Premier program. I also checked some web sites that were created by other companies and needed some corrections in order to be functional in 100%. Furthermore, I began to work with HTML & CSS implementation of code in order to create web sites via WordPress which is the most important for me and I would like to develop it. Generally, we are preparing various types of digital service projects that provide integrated solutions on the web, creating web applications and online stores, creating high quality brands and internet marketing and doing so with enthusiasm.

One of the great benefits of my job in this company is that I am experimenting with all the things you do business with and give me the ability to evolve what really interests me. My associates were and are next to me in every case that has to do with work or with everyday life and I am grateful for it.


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