Erasmus experience at vibration

by Vicky Antonopoulou

They say “all good things come to an end”. Six months passed after my arriving in the beautiful city of Bratislava and my meeting with my first real job in vibration.s.r.o.

European Union “Erasmus” Placement program is a very good opportunity for young students like me to live, study, work and travel to any country and city of Europe they want. So first of all I suggest all young students to look beyond the borders of their country and live this amazing experience!

I really want to thank vibration.s.r.o because they accepted me in their company as worker and friend both. I learned much more and very useful things than i expected.

Ivan with his incredible fast design skills, Martin the excellent and so helpful for me programmer, Katka who was always there for me with her kind smile, Palo with his nice jokes and Martin with our looong beer nights.

It was very cool to work with all of these guys and share moments inside and outside of our office. Young creative people with passion for their work teached me a lot of things that I will try to evolve and exploit properly in my future career.

Furthermore i learned how to use many professional tools-programs which were necessary for our work as:

  • Adobe Photoshop  CS6
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  • Axure RP Pro 7.0
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Use WordPress and Improve my HTML skills using Bootstrap and CSS
  • How to use social media for promotion of the company etc.

It was very interesting and useful for me that i helped in many important and big projects of the company like for example:

  • : Create content of homepage in Html, design icons ,write articles , design banners,
  • : Create content of the website in Html through WordPress
  • : Make wireframes for each page and subpage in Axure
  • : Design homepage
  • : Design logo, banners
  • planergo : Design logo
  • : find and redesign up to 100 icons
  • : icons and design banners
  • porovnanie eshopov : Design logo
  • : Icons
  • register reklamných plôch : Design Logo
  • : banners and Facebook covers
  • : Design icon , design promotion flyer ,make banners
  • : Design banners
  • gauranga festival : Design Poster
  • : Icons
  • club : Design logos

Of course there were plenty of other smaller projects and things that i had the opportunity to make and learn through them.

Now I have to return back to Greece and think about my future plans. There are so many opportunities abroad that someone can take full advantage, therefore no one should let them pass. Definitely I will miss my workplace and the dreamy Bratislava. It was a great experience for me and definitely I would do it again!

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