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We have created a comprehensive solution for e-shops that includes all the important functions of a modern e-shop. We make all eshops with a custom design based on your requirements and constantly improve them according to your needs as well as the needs of your customers.

The system is tuned for Central European needs. We have already powered most of Slovakia’s warehouse systems, payment gateways and other extended services or marketing tools. In those 10 years we have dealt with the diverse requirements of our clients and therefore nothing really surprises us anymore. We are not only looking for clients, but partners with whom we can grow together.

Front End
Back End
Payment gateways
ERP systems

We are the leaders in the ecommerce development

We have an innovative, agile and transparent approach

We are a reliable and strategic partner

We are specialists and we enjoy our work

For 12 years we have been making customized eshops and web applications

yesCooperation with a freelancerIn-house developersA regular development companyCooperation with vibration
Fast reaction timeyes
Assigned project manager who oversees the entire project
Low risk of termination of cooperation
Comprehensive knowledge of ecommerce
Covering UX and web design
Rapid change of technologies or solutions
Effective and transparent project management
Clear reporting in seconds
Easy change of supplier
Regular consultations and innovations in the project
Project definition
  • Analysis

  • Functional requirements

  • Scope


  • Architecture

  • Technologies

  • Metodology

  • Database model


Design and UX
  • Information architecture design

  • Wireframes creation

  • Webdesign

  • Creating clickable prototype


  • Infrastructure setup

  • Front end programming

  • CMS integration

  • Backend programming

  • Connection of external systems – payment gateways, ERP systems, GTM, …

  • Testing


  • Quality control

  • Measurement scripts setup

  • Training


  • Continual system updates

  • Technical support

  • Further project development and innovations