Mobile apps development

IOS and Android custom app

React Native applications

We write one code for both platforms. We save your time and resources for programmers. Our advantage is that we usually write Javascript on both frontend and backend. If you need to make a more complex component that is not within the framework, Swift for IOS and Java for Android can still be written. React Native is a modern and efficient Facebook technology. If a web application is also being done, you can reuse the code on the frontend at React.

Native IOS applications

For more demanding IOS-specific applications, we can also develop native applications. Our specialists have many years of development experience on both platforms.

Native Android applications

For more demanding Android-specific applications, we can also develop a native application. Our specialists have many years of development experience on both platforms.

API in GraphQL development

If you are doing the API first, we can design a complete API and we can deploy it to the selected Cloud. We prefer AWS.

Creating user interfaces for mobile applications

If you have your own mobile application team, we can make you a prototype in wireframes, draw UIs and deliver only graphics and animations. We can also test your user interface with your potential customers.

  • Complex digital solutions

  • Conscious of client needs

  • Enthusiasm for innovations

  • Quality and effectiveness

  • Reliability and stability


Front end
  • React Native
  • React Native navigation
  • Appolo stack
  • Firebase
  • Lottie
  • Swift
  • Java
Back end + API
  • GraphQL
  • Node JS
  • AWS

Work progress

  • Project definition

    • Analysis of the problematic area
    • Functional requirements
    • Scope of the project
  • Specification

    • Solution architecture
    • Technology selection
    • Methodology selection
    • Database model
  • Agile development

    • Iteration contains
    • Design
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Launching of the version
    • Another iteration
  • Launching and operation

    • Analytics
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting

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