Digital marketing and consulting

We help our clients to grow through internet marketing.

PPC campaign management

PPC advertising is an efficient and the fastest way how to attract a new and permanent customers. You do not pay for views, but only for click on your ad. Specific campaign setting and regular optimization of ads will provide you an efficient promotion of your products and services. Our specialty is a Google ad, Facebook ad, banner ad and remarketing. Of course, we also devote to other advertising systems, such as Inres, Sklick and Etarget.

Social media management

We will provide you with creating of profiles and complete communication on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and others under your field of business. We understand social networks and we can set custom-made communication strategy. Build your brand through a quality posts also in social networks.

Search engine optimization - SEO

One of the most important and necessary things on the web is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. We will help you to implement on page factors and also off page factors. We will prepare you this all after a large SEO audit, which will tell us what SEO deficiencies your web has. The annual report with results of our work is commonplace.

More and more people use voice search on Google. Does your company have optimized SEO for this fast-growing trend?

Deep analysis of keywords

Analyzing keywords is the basis of every PPC and SEO campaign. We will help you to find out how people search for on Google and which keywords related to your business they enter. Attract your relevant target group to your website and find out how best to sell your product to them.

Marketing automation

We introduce software services in internet marketing for the purpose of:

  • increasing the efficiency of acquisitions and customer retention
  • increasing sales
    We use techniques such as:
  • collection of customer data
  • connection of various data sources (CRM, ERP, cookies)
  • customer segmentation
  • personalized content
  • automated app launchers – sending a newsletter, displaying a pop-up window, sending a SMS, displaying an advertisement
  • remarketing
  • A/B testing or more variant testing
    The service is suitable mainly for online stores, possibly for campaign websites.

Newsletter creation

The newsletter is considered as one of the most efficient tools for addressing customers. Do you have a client database and you do not know what to do with that? We will create you a newsletter campaign. We will advise you how to create an ideal newsletter that will be interesting. If you still do not have a database of clients or potential clients, then we will advise you how to get them, for example, through Facebook or directly on your website.

Creating content and writing articles

It’s necessary to convince the customers to purchase in your store. Impressive texts on your website may be interesting for customers so much that they will not leave without purchase. Quality content is an alpha and omega of a good website or online store.

We can provide:

  • content creation
  • content uploading
  • content revision
  • making photos or video
  • writing articles
  • SEO optimization of texts

Marketing strategy

If you do not know where and how to start marketing, or you find yourself in a blind alley, then use our knowledge in creating of internet strategy. A complete marketing analysis in your company will provide you the option to precisely define marketing strategy directly for your company.

Of course, we can also prepare a partial marketing strategies, such as online marketing strategy or only social network strategy. We always take into account the existing communication so that everything works together. It does not end with creating of marketing strategy. We can provide its implementation and regular evaluation of set goals.

Project management and mentoring

In case that you plan a larger web project or app with the extent over 200 programming hours, then you need the quality project management. If you have not done such project yet, we will be glad to help you. We know to apply the right methods for your IT department, lean approach to the project, agile approach, application of the ticket system, application of task planning, project planning in time, measuring tools. You will save your costs and time, we will manage the deadlines together and the result will be a functional project.

We also provide expert consulting and mentoring for startups, online stores, web projects and companies. We can check from business model, campaign, communication, web conversion to processes in the company. 18-year experience with our CEO’s website – Ivan Potančok means the guaranteed right time spent for your project. With a view, which has a few people in Slovakia, it will move your project a couple of levels higher.

Web analytics and web project audit

Would you like to see who and how many people visit your website or online store? Why nobody purchases your top product even if you have a great advertising?

Use our services and knowledge of web analytics! We will set and check the measuring scripts on your website and find out how the customers behave and where they leave.

We will test which element is suitable by a/b testing, we will evaluate all metrics, conversions, visit rate and campaign reach. We will regularly deliver the reports and propose the efficient changes. If you have an outdated website or online store, we can prepare for you a complex audit to improve it.

We will draw up for you all graphic and technical deficiencies also with recommendations how to remove them. In case that you need to help with inputs for the supplier of your system, as an independent experts we can prepare the right inputs for you.

  • Complex digital solutions

  • Conscious of client needs

  • Enthusiasm for innovations

  • Quality and effectiveness

  • Reliability and stability


Analytic and UX tools
  • Smartlook
  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics
SEO tools a PPC advertising
  • Search Console
  • Collabim
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • other PPC systems

Work progress

  • Initial requirement

    • Information about your project
    • Cooperation extent
    • Budget possibilities
  • Initial design

    • Recognition and analysis of your needs
    • Ways to achieving the goal
    • Strategy propose
  • Iteractions with client

    • Strategy consulting with client
    • Client comments
    • Incorporating comments
    • First results of cooperation
  • Successful, conversion and earning project

    • Set up regular cooperation
    • Never-ending process
    • Strategy + SEO + UX + copywriting + Content + social networks + internet marketing + marketing automation+ reporting + cooperation with external suppliers + expansion

Project selection

Redesign and migration of a multilingual online store. Nebbia is a fitness brand selling sport clothes.

From launching of online sale, help with company marketing up to process automation of the warehouse with sanitary equipment and accessories.

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