Custom development

We created our own system for online stores that has no limits. Top quality and speed.

Online store creation

We created a complex solution for online stores, which includes all important functions of modern online store. All online stores are with custom development design based on your requirements and continuously improved according to your needs, as well as needs of your customers.

Includes inventory, invoice and discount system, payment gateways, connection to accounting softwares and also marketing tools. We know to program any of your requirements and connect to any existing system. We do not look only for clients, but partners to grow together.

B2B solutions

We created an option of wholesale shopping in our system. Make online shopping easier for your partners and record all orders, invoices and online transactions.

The wholesale zone allows your customers after login to see prices sorted by price levels. Similarly, you know to make the shopping process faster by repeated purchases. Payment by card, issue of invoices, automatic connection to the inventory or invoice system are commonplace in such solutions.

Migration from old online store system

If your system is outdated and your supplier of online store system cannot provide next innovations according to the latest trends, it’s time to change the system..

If it’s slow loading, nonresponsive design, slow support or outdated unsustainable code, then you need a stable partner. Our company can provide you a smooth transition and migration of all necessary data.

Online store redesign

Usually, a major redesign of the website or online store is made after five years. In case of online stores, it’s necessary to improve the shopping process and continuously add a new functions. Sometimes it’s necessary to make a strong decision and not to add a new functions anymore, but rather make a complete redesign of your online store that meets the latest trends and adapts to customer needs.

Redesign should involve user research, prototype design, prototype testing and design creation itself. Followed by programming the templates and applying to the online store system.

Programming of online store modules

If you use open source CMS system for online stores, we can provide you the programming of modules and themes, and thus extend your solution.

Estimate of time consuming and proposing the most suitable solution or multiple possible solutions is commonplace after analyzing the existing code.

Connection of external systems to existing online store

The future of web services lies in interconnecting them to each other. If you have a ready-made solution and you need to connect it with other external system, there is a big chance that these systems have API, which helps two systems to communicate between each other.

We have rich experience in connecting the inventory and invoice systems, such as Pohoda, Omega, MRP, Superfaktúra or Money. Also almost all available payment gateways, such as Besteron, Trustpay, Cardpay, Gopay, 24pay, Webcard, GP webpay, PayPal, VUB ecard. Furthermore there can be CRM systems, SMS gateways, measuring tools, analytical tools, Google products, social network.

If you also use a custom-made system, it’s possible to connect it with other system.

  • Complex digital solutions

  • Conscious of client needs

  • Enthusiasm for innovations

  • Quality and effectiveness

  • Reliability and stability


Benefits of our solution
  • custom-made design
  • customized to mobile devices
  • efficient and fast administration0
  • fast loading of online store
  • unlimited number of products
  • stable operation and customer care
  • continuous system improvement complies with the Slovak legislation
Main modules of solution
  • banner system
  • connection to accounting and inventory system
  • inventory system
  • invoice module
  • discount system
  • B2B zone
  • payment gateways
  • exports for comparison
    interconnection with Google Adwords and dynamic remarketing
  • extended filter of products
    and many others

Work progress

  • Project definition

    • Purpose
    • Main objectives
    • Target group
    • Project extent
  • Architecture

    • Design of information architecture and wireframe creation
  • Content creation

    • Analyzing keywords
    • Writing texts
    • Language selection
    • SEO
    • Photos
    • Diagrams
    • Videos
  • Web design

    • Content determines the form
    • Selection of colors
    • Fonts creation
    • Responsive design
    • Interactive design
  • Programming

    • Frontend programming
    • Integration CMS
    • Programming modules
  • Testing

    • User testing
    • Testing on devices
    • Speed optimization
  • Launching

    • Quality control
    • Measuring scripts
    • Certificates
  • Operation

    • Updates
    • Adding functions
    • Monitoring
    • Analytics
    • Reporting

Project selection

Redesign and migration of a multilingual online store. Nebbia is a fitness brand selling sport clothes.

Redesign and application of our system for online stores. Shop for all lovers of cooking!

huge eshop –

Large custom-made online store. The part of this solution was B2B system, automatic discount allocation, connection with internal inventory and accounting system, connection to Mailchimp, custom-made design, responsiveness, partner online stores that synchronize the goods with the main online store and many other custom-made functions.

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