B2B solutions

We create functional digital ecosystems. Creation and connection of information systems and software services for optimal operation of your company

B2B e-shop

We have solution for wholesale orders based on our e-shop system sellio. It works similary as B2B e-shop, but it has its tricks for customers. Usually, we connect it to other client systems as for eg. CRM systems, warehouse systems or accounting systems. Scroll down the article to see, what are the contributions of this system.

Price configurators

If you are able to calculate price of configurated product or service in Microsoft Excel, then we can make it online. In steps, your customer can then choose wished configuration and we can even visualize the final product. The customer is then able to imagine things, can deal with it at home and does not have to call you unnecessarily. Customer can order and pay for the configuration online.

Effective orders

Our goal is to uniform orders from your customers. They can log in via smartphone, computer or tablet to B2B zone and simply make  large-scale order. All orders and invoices are at on place. The order can be entered via Excell, trough import which can save a lot of time.

Goods can be found by name, code, description or parameters.

Wholesale zone

Po prihlásení váš zákazník vidí ceny podľa zaradenia v cenových hladinách, prípadne jeho individuálne ceny. Vidí presný stav skladu, prípadne kedy môže mať tovar vo svojej predajni. After logging in , your customer sees prices arranged in price ranges/levels or individual prices. Customer can see the real state of warehouse or as the case may be also when he can have the goods in the store.

Automatic invoice and accounting

After sending the order we can prepair required documents  according to the settings of your company.

Way more efficient company processes

Elimination of unnecessary phone calls or e-mails. Finally, the orders will be well arranged.

Your seller can add new customer, assign him range of products and indiviual prices or discounts.

You will not have to put orders in manually or rewrite data into different systems.

Loyalty programme

The same as by B2C, also by B2B we can cumulate the turnover of chosen customer and asign him some benefits according to adjusted condtions. Remuneration of loyal B2B customers can be done via discounts or gift items.

Commission system

Your sellers can get commissions based od their turovers or other KPI the will reich with their customers.

Overview in storage and processes

If you have your own production, we can set control of it and automatize storage processes. For eg. while expedition of orders we can control them viac EAN codes reader.

Analysis of company processes

Every successful company has own management system. We will check your business setup and your processes. It starts with receiving a new customers, production, sales, financial control, source management, accounting, but does not end with customer care. If your business exists only in the owner’s brain or it works only based on excel tables, then we will help you to analyze and transform given data into the digital world. We will design for you the structure of the whole ecosystem, choose the right services and systems, and connect them.

Connection of systems and services

The future of the functioning of digital services and apps as we know them, is through their connection by API. The solution is to connect done services to bigger units, or to customize another micro-services and connect them. There is not necessary to invent it again.

Integration of a new services to existing solutions

If your business already uses information system or web app, our company can connect them to another systems. We have connected dozens of services and systems. If your system does not have API (app programming interface), we can create it.

Building of digital ecosystems

Imagine that your business is within reach of one hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available anywhere in the world from all devices. Today you still do many processes manually, which take up loads of your time and can be simply automatized and running in the background or can be done with just one click. The digital ecosystem is a network of running services and systems that are connected. Each part of the network is responsible for its own task. There is an online service for most of problematic company areas, it’s just necessary to set up and connect it correctly. What will it bring to you? Decrease in costs, increase in production, saving time, simpler control and many other. Quality processed ecosystem may be simply extended and modified under your requirement and increasing needs of your business and development.

  • Complex digital solutions

  • Conscious of client needs

  • Enthusiasm for innovations

  • Quality and effectiveness

  • Reliability and stability


Used CMS
  • Sellio
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Shopify
CRM, ERP, inventory systems
  • Pohoda
  • Omega
  • Money S3, S4, S5
  • MRP
  • Helios
  • Softip
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Raynet CRM
  • any system or web app that has API

Work progress

  • Project definition

    • Analysis of existing systems
    • Data analysis
    • Functional requirements
  • Specification

    • Solution architecture
    • Technology selection
    • Methodology selection
    • Database model
  • Agile development

    Iteration contains

    • Design
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Launching version
    • Another iteration
  • Launching and operation

    • Analytics
    • Monitoring
    • Improvement

Project selection


Redesign and migration of a multilingual online store. Nebbia is a fitness brand selling sport clothes.


From launching of online sale, help with company marketing up to process automation of the warehouse with sanitary equipment and accessories.

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