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Large custom-made online store. The part of this solution was B2B system, automatic discount allocation, connection with internal inventory and accounting system, connection to Mailchimp, custom-made design, responsiveness, partner online stores that synchronize the goods with the main online store and many other custom-made functions.


The company REGINA focuses on office supplies and the production of stamps, which started to be produced in 1990, since the company exists. One year later, the range was extended of office supplies and business forms and since 2003 you can purchase the goods also through online store.

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We have created a multilingual website with English language courses that you can order either by intensity or language level. The web contains orders, invoices, filters as well as a shopping cart and a payment gateway. We have ensured complete migration of content while retaining SEO.

slovak strength institute

From the idea of digitizing training to functional custom-made web app.

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