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About project

Total remake of slow e-shop based on WordPress to our e-shop system.

Our task

Successful e-shop based od WordPress was slowing our client down in development. In the long- term it was something unsustainable. The pace of the speed of noticeable part of e-shop and administration was tragic. The problem was solved by migration. We had to make it while e-shop was running and with the maintenance of SEO settings.


Interesting project numbers

front end programmers

back end programmers

project managers


80 hours
migration duration

400 +
hours on project

Next projects redesign

Redesign of e-shop. We combined the web and e-shop and created the B2B zone.

E-shop with the possibility of creating your own phone case using your own photos from Instagram or Facebook. Directly after the order is done, the output goes straight to production. Javascript masta ouna.

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