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We connected the eshop with our system for sellio eshops. Eshop is optimized for fast and efficient administration. Client can manage customers, suppliers, products, categories, orders, discounts, and marketing campaigns.


Zdravie pre všetkých (Health for all) is a project that combines classical and natural medicine. Specialist consultants also contribute to the eshop and recommend the most suitable products

Úvod Zdravie pre všetkých

Bolesti hlavy Zdravie pre všetkých

TANGARINKA esenciálny olej Zdravie pre všetkých

Obsah nákupného košíka Zdravie pre všetkých

Kontakty Zdravie pre všetkých

Alergia Zdravie pre všetkých

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Hottub is a company offering jacuzzi, spa, but also finnish saunas, infra saunas, combined saunas or steam saunas. The company is active on the slovak market since year 2005 and apart from mentioned products they offer many more different services.

Creation of multilingual website on WordPress.

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