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E-shop creation, order automation and custom-made functionality. Such was the cooperation with Herbert, a company that produces quality and delicious syrups.

Our task

They emphasize the freshness and quality of the raw materials it receives from reliable partners. They decided to build on a reliable partner when creating an e-shop and so they approached us. The original plan was to simplify the ordering process for operations that had previously sent their orders by mail. However, after the initial creative meeting, we agreed that we would like to bring these amazing syrups to regular consumers. The basis of the whole solution is our tuned sellio system, which we have adapted to the needs of this project. Thanks to sellio we have been able to simplify and automate the entire process of handling orders for operations and for our client. Customers have the option of registering as an establishment or as an ordinary consumer when registering.
Typically B2B customers know exactly what they need to order, so the look for B2B customers has been customized to fit the entire order on one screen and at least clicks. The B2B zone, of course, has its own price list. Operations have the ability to set up multiple shipping addresses that can be assigned to an order by simple selection.



Interesting project numbers

specialists involved

100 +
hours of programminf

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Large custom-made online store. The part of this solution was B2B system, automatic discount allocation, connection with internal inventory and accounting system, connection to Mailchimp, custom-made design, responsiveness, partner online stores that synchronize the goods with the main online store and many other custom-made functions.

For NEO Real, we have created a new website for real estate sales. Excellent cooperation with Cukru production.

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