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About project

The best e-commerce specialists in Slovakia were invited to the project. UX consultant Honza Kvasnička, SEO consultant Pavel Ungr, external Czech designer, performance agency, ERP system supplier, and us.

Our task

It is a network of running e-shops connected via a superstructure from BHIT to the Pohoda ERP system. The e-shop system has been a Sellio for a few years. In terms of UX, we needed to incorporate many new features, simplify the cart, change the information architecture, and filtering. It is our favorite project and we have dedicated a lot of programming hours to it. We have also improved the articles and product detail.

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Next projects

We created a customized eshop where we installed the GoPay payment gateway. The option of order based on date of birth – product filtering and then in the basket is the option of choosing the packaging for the product in the order process. The site also contains a Czech language mutation including Czech prices.

Website redesign associated with a complete rebranding of the force institute. 3D visuals added by the client. The text was added by the client.

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